How much woodworm treatment fluid do I need in a typical house?

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Surface Woodworm Treatments

How much will I need for two sprayed coats, using a typical water based product?

Two light coats, avoiding flooding and run-off, are always better than one heavy coat. Excess treatment fluid could find its way into electrical fittings or pass into the room below, carrying through dissolved dirt and causing staining.


1. Spraying floors - terraced house: 7.5 to 10 litres, detached house: 25 - 35 litres, for first or second floor levels, if all made of timber.


2. Spraying roofs - terraced house: 20 - 50 litres, detached house: 30 - 90 litres, per roof void, including rafters and ceiling joists.


Typical Concentration: 1kg of Boron Ultra 12 powder per 25 litres of water for Woodworm (5% B.A.E. using 2 coats).


Where can I buy Boron based Woodworm Liquid Treatment?

Application Equipment :

: Pump up Sprayer 5 litre or a 12 litre Knapsack Sprayer

: Mask for water based sprays and dust

Where can I buy Sprayers and Masks?

Surface Treatment Gels - per brush coat - for concentrated Woodworm or damp areas


1. Smooth timber - 0.25 litres per square metre, that is 4 square metres per litre of Gel.


2. Rough timber and end grain - 0.5 to 1 litre per square metre, that is 1 to 2 square metres per litre of Gel.


Where can I buy Boron based Woodworm Gel Treatment?

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