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Can woodworm spread into furniture, furnishings and carpets?

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Q. I have woodworm in my house. Can they spread into my furniture or other floors?

A. Yes, in theory. However, with modern furniture and modern flooring the finishes - such as wax, paint, varnish, sealers, stains - will prevent the woodworm eggs from penetrating.

Q. Having just removed an old sideboard from my dining room I discovered to my horror that my good quality carpet was ruined where the wood touched the carpet as the carpet pile has been eaten away down to the underlay by woodworms. I have now got rid of the sideboard but would you advise me whether the carpet would now be infested and therefore could it spread to my other furniture? If so, what do I do to protect the carpet and prevent the woodworms spreading to the other furniture? Please help!

A. Adult common furniture beetles beetles do not actually eat anything during their short life span (3 weeks) and the wood 'worms' (grubs) live deep inside the wood, so therefore neither of them eat your carpet. The adult beetles could have bored through the carpet to escape, however, giving the impression that the carpet was 'eaten'.

It is more likely to be an infestation of Carpet Beetle - treat the carpet and floorboards, plus any bare wooden furniture surfaces, using Boron Ultra 12 in water at 5%.

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Q. How do I know if woodworm have laid their eggs on my furniture?

A. You don't, but remember the risks of infestation are slight. The woodworm eggs can barely be seen with the naked eye, being approximately 0.5mm x 0.3mm in size, so you will need a magnifying glass to find. Normal polishing and vacuuming will remove them.

Q. How can I kill woodworm eggs on my furniture or floors?
A. You could spray using an Insecticide, or heat the wood up to about 52 degrees Centigrade for 5 minutes, or cool the wood down to minus 18 degrees Centigrade for 5 minutes.
Q. Can woodworm eggs survive and bore in to wood surfaces that have been painted, varnished, waxed or otherwise coated?

A. No, eggs can only survive when they can enter the 'pores' of the timber.

Q. Are woodworm eggs laid into old holes?

A. Yes, frequently. However, they will be killed if the timber has been treated with a chemical.

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