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Q. Where do woodworm lay their eggs?

A. They are laid into the old holes, into cracks in the timber or on the surface, or burrow in to bare wood surfaces. Eggs are the first stage of the Woodworm lifecycle. They are laid in batches of 30 to 60. They stay at the egg stage for about 10 to 35 days (opinion varies) and then hatch into larva, which bore into the wood.

Q. What do woodworm eggs look like?

A. Woodworm eggs can barely be seen with the naked eye, being approximately 0.5mm x 0.3mm in size. They are lemon shaped, rough and gritty to the touch and are often laid on the timber immediately adjacent to, or in the adult beetle's emergence hole.

Q. How can I kill woodworm eggs?

A. In a number of ways: apply a chemical, called an Insecticide, to the wood, or heat the wood up to about 52 degrees Centigrade for 5 minutes, or cool the wood down to minus 18 degrees Centigrade for 5 minutes.

Where can I buy Boron based Woodworm Treatment?

Q. Can woodworm eggs survive and bore in to wood surfaces that have been painted, varnished, waxed or otherwise coated?

A. No, eggs can only survive when they can enter the 'pores' of the timber.

Q. Are woodworm eggs laid into old holes?

A. Yes, frequently. However, they will be killed if the timber has been treated with a chemical.

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