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Q. A Surveyor says that I have woodworm in my roof, but I cannot find any holes or tunnels - why?

A. If you cannot find any holes or tunnels you do not have woodworm. Sometimes Surveyors take it for granted that properties of a certain age will have evidence of woodworm and don't even bother to look.

Q. Will woodworm attack my roof insulation?

A. No, woodworm cannot harm your roof insulation, but you may find their bore dust on the insulation, dropping from holes above, alerting you to their existence.

Q. What damage will occur if I don't bother to treat my woodworm outbreak?
A. No damage will occur if the attack has died out naturally, or been treated previously. Firstly, look down the hole with a magnifying glass. If the wood dust and hole edges look bright in colour, it is most likely to be an 'active' infestation. An 'active' infestation is considered to mean that the insect emerged in the last 2 years and therefore Treatment is justified. If the wood dust and hole edges look grey and dirty, it is probably an old infestation and there is no need to carry out Chemical Treatment. Leaving an active attack without treatment may lead to long term damage from within the timbers, but only thin timbers, like floorboards, are likely to be structurally weakened in a few years.
Q. If I treat the woodworm with a chemical will the chemical damage my insulation or the roof lining felt?

A. Water based chemicals certainly will not affect most types of insulation - avoid solvent based treatments anyway - they can give you a nasty headache. All chemicals, apart from Boron Ultra 12, contain components that can damage some types of roofing felts or lining materials, in some cases causing them to lose their water repellent properties.

Where can I buy Boron based Woodworm Treatment?

Q. Why bother to treat a roof for woodworm?

A. Because even common woodworm can cause considerable damage over the long term and if the woodworm like your particular roof other wood borers may join them. They particularly like damp timber. Roof timbers are always slightly damp in the winter months and the more insulation that we pile up on the ceilings the colder and more damp the roof wood becomes.

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